About Us

What do we do?

The clue is in the name! Here at The Novelty Division of GMG (Global Marketing Group Ltd) we are all about the light-up and glowing novelties that bring a bit of light-hearted fun to the world. From glow sticks to light-up swords, flashing windmills and butterflies, LED bunny ears and illuminating jewellery; these are just a few of the fun-filled novelties we import and sell!


That’s it, in a nutshell… why complicate things, eh? You can jump right in and view our product range or find out more about our specific services using the handy links below or keep on reading to learn a little more about our global reach and how we work.

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How do we do it?

For over 2 decades The Novelty Division has been sourcing and importing novelties, steadily growing to this day. In addition to our UK Offices and Warehouse, we have our own production factories, sourcing offices and many partners in China, Hong Kong and the Far East, as well as closer to home in Europe and right on the doorstep in the UK. This has made us one of the leading importers and distributors of light-up and glow novelties not only within the UK, but also on a worldwide basis. Our global reach allows us to source and produce very affordable novelty solutions for our customers, whilst still being able to react quickly and deliver time-sensitive and last minute options via our more local sources.

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Brands you can trust

We have developed our own in-house brand BeamZ (formerly Flashing Fun) which features on the majority of our products packaging. This is a fun, relevant and engaging brand which brings our products together under one name and helps them stand out from the crowd. It give’s them the professional touch you need to be able to stock and supply them without shoving our name in your customers faces! We are also the sole UK supplier of high quality glow products from Omiglow.



Why Choose Us?

We’ve worked hard to ensure we offer the most innovative, relevant and comprehensive range of light-up novelties around. We hope you’ll agree and choose The Novelty Division for your novelty requirements, be it a case of flashing bunny ears, branded glow sticks or illuminating your mascot in style on a flashing fibre optic wand!

We strive to keep our prices at a level that offers you the best value for quality products. We are confident our pricing is unrivaled and you will not find the same quality of product for a comparable price. This means we can achieve the greatest returns, profit levels and savings for your business when it comes to reselling the goods to your customers or giving them away to your audience.



We could wax lyrical all day, but it all come’s down to the large portfolio of clients who have trusted The Novelty Division with their brands, time and time again. Here are just a selection of recent clients. We hope to be able to add you soon too!

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