Your name in lights

Need to make an impact? Many of our products  can be branded and prove popular amongst the crowds. Everyone loves a glow stick! Check out the showcase and further details below then give us a call to discuss your specific requirements; we’ll be happy to help.


Good to glow

Glow sticks are by far one of our most popular novelties to brand. They are an affordable way to get your name or message over a large quantity of stock which can be quickly and easily distributed amongst a crowd at one of your events to great effect.




The great thing about our battery operated novelties is that, not only are many of them available in a range of colours to conveniently suit your brand, but many of them also change colour during use which adds a whole new dynamic which can be visually pleasing and help you to really stand out from the crowd. Take our Multi-colour Ice Cubes for example; simply mesmerising! All of these images are of the same Ice Cube!




So many possibilities

We strive to find new ways to brand our products to make sure that as much of our range can be tailored to your needs as possible. We keep abreast of new industry printing methods and offer 1 to 4 colour pad printing on many products and full colour clear label and direct printing for more ambitious and demanding branding needs. Take a look at the rest of our showcase, check out what products can currently be branded below and



What to brand?

Where there’s a will there’s a way and so most, if not all, of our items can be branded in one way or another. Here are the most popular and convenient products, though, that should prove easiest to brand and give your artwork the best exposure…


Glow Stick Flashing Ice Cubes

Super Quasar Sword 8 Function Laser Sword Fibre Optic Mini Dale Sword Large Galaxy Ball Sword
Laser Space Sword Rainbow Bendy Baton Rainbow Sword

Chrome Space Baton Fan Wand Swivel Fan Wand Rainbow Spinning Fibre Optic Torch

Flashing Ice Cubes Glow In The Dark Whistle Glow In The Dark Woofer Horn

LED Laser Ring Heart Tunnel Light Pendant Sound Sensitive Bracelet Star Tunnel Light Pendant

Flashing Glasses Flashing Shutter Shades Shutter Shades Shutter Shades – Glow In The Dark

Flashing Dreadlocks Pink Bunny Ear Bopper Flashing Chrome Bunny Ears

Flashing Maracas Flashing Tambourine

Glow Stick Glow Stick Bag Glow Baton Glow Glass Glow Shot Glasses Spot Glow Glasses


The Process

Printing on our novelties is as easy as pie but there are a few time constraints you will need to take in to account to make sure you get the best quality finish. If we have the product in stock then the process can be as demonstrated below. If the product needs to be imported and/or printed at source then we will advise you at the time of inquiry.

branding-time1-2 branding-part1

branding-time1-2 branding-part2

branding-time2-3 branding-part3

branding-time1-2 branding-part4

branding-time1-2 branding-part5